A Christian Code of Ethics for Using Social Media

Social media does not always bring out the best in us and our reactions do not always measure up to the highest standards of truth and charity (see Ephesians 4:15). Archbishop Foley Beach of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) offers

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Tandoori and the Quran

Tandoori and the Quran On our second day in New York we had take out from a new Indian restaurant on Madison Ave, Bawarchi. Lovely Chicken Tikka Masala (the national dish of England), lamb vindaloo (which I didn’t dare touch) and wonderful

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Arrived in Israel!

Arrived in Israel! We arrived safely in Israel late afternoon on Wednesday. Our journey was disrupted by our first plane’s mechanical problems (identified before we boarded!) This led to some anxiety and then a more roundabout route that involved a stopover in

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Are we glad to see you?

Are we glad to see you? I went to one of the great Avenue churches in New York this Sunday, joining about 200 people in a much larger building. I walked past three ushers who were visiting together (a fourth reached behind

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There and back again

There and back again Thank you all for your warm welcome back and God bless all who have headed north with safe travel and a happy summer.    Dianne and I enjoyed a very active two and half weeks away and returned

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Going to Dianne’s Church

Going to Dianne’s Church Yesterday we had the joy of attending Dianne’s home Church of St. Barnabas in North Hatley, Quebec. She was baptized there when she was 17 months old, because her family knew it was the right thing to do,

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Good Shepherd Sunday

Good Shepherd Sunday I had the joy of worshiping at St. George’s Cathedral in Kingston, Ontario where my dear friend Mary Gibson is the Dean. (Mary preached at my Celebration of New Ministry at St. Mary’s in 2005.)  The Cathedral is a

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North Hatley and the Gospels

North Hatley and the Gospels Well, I finally made it to North Hatley late Friday afternoon, a mere 30 hours after leaving home. The saga involved alleged inclement weather somewhere, cancelled flights and rebooking nightmares. The customer service people at Delta and

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Caring through grief

Caring through grief Dianne and I are back home with Theresa, grateful for the month of May away at the House of the Redeemer in New York City. As we hoped, the House provided the right environment for us. The daily worship

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House of the Redeemer

House of the Redeemer Dianne and I have arrived safely at the House of the Redeemer (www.houseoftheredeemer.org) and are getting settled in. The House began as an Upper East Side mansion built in 1914. In 1949 the owner, Edith Fabbri, responding to

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