Our Mission

Ministry is the Christian vocation to serve. At St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, this life of service takes many forms. Whether it’s raising money for local charities, teaching youth, helping veterans or visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes, members of the church actively participate in various ministries that represent a life of service by all who are baptized. It is through ministry that the Episcopal Church carries out its mission to restore all people to unity with God and with other in Christ.


The outreach ministry uses money from sales generated by the thrift store to fund two seminaries and many worthwhile charitable causes throughout Southwest Florida.


The Penny Wise Thrift Store has raised more than $3 million since it was started 28 years ago. In addition to Lee and Collier charities, money from sales is used for the church’s building, endowment and operations.

Recovery Eucharist

The Recovery Eucharist is a 12-step program for anyone struggling with addiction. The innovative service brings the 12-step recovery program into the traditional liturgy of the Episcopal Church, using the steps and the Serenity Prayer as part of the service.

Veterans Ministry

The veterans’ ministry was formed in recognition of the sacrifices made by veterans and spouses and to provide them with assistance they need.

Christian Formation

Christian formation is designed to foster Christian maturity among members through programs such as youth education, bible studies, social and spiritual gatherings.

Order of St. Luke

The International Order of St. Luke the Physician is an ecumenical organization dedicated to the Christian healing ministry. Members meet in local chapters, of which the Ecclesia Chapter at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is one, to study Scripture.

Pastoral Care

Church members of the pastoral care team visit people who are not able to attend church services because they are in the hospital, nursing home or homebound.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry of St. Mary’s Church capitalizes on the wonderful opportunity to shape the young people in their knowledge of God.

Endowment Ministry

The Endowment Ministry looks to the long term financial stability of St. Mary’s involved in fundraising, investment management, and use of endowment funds.