Pastoral Care Team

St. Mary’s has a devoted Pastoral Care Team consisting of faithful members of our church whose spiritual gifting’s and sense of call is evidenced in the compassionate care of others. Each team member is dedicated to daily prayer for each person on our list, visitation of those not able to attend church services (in hospitals, nursing homes, Care Centers or places of residence), in addition to the study and devotion appropriate as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

All members are trained in the healing ministry such as The Order of St. Luke (OSL) or a similar Christian based healing program. Our Licensed Eucharist Visitor’s bring the Holy Sacrament to the homebound and to those who are unable to attend Sunday Eucharist due to extraordinary circumstances.

We meet every Wednesday morning to update the prayer list. We also address any concerns or needs of a team member or a person that they are assigned as a caregiver. Individuals also may be added, if requested, from the Healing Stations.  We also have eucharist services twice a month at Bentley Village.

People are not added to the prayer list without their expressed desire to be included.

If you need pastoral care, or to add a friend or loved one to our prayer list, please call a member of our Clergy, contact the church office, or send an email to

Several mandatory qualifications for being a member of this team are:

  • Current certification in Safeguarding All God’s Children training
  • Clear criminal background check
  • A strict adherence to confidentiality
  • Regular church attendance

Request for Pastoral Care