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Service Bulletin for May 24, 2020



Rector Search Update

Rector Search Update
Chris Davies, Chair

I am honored to have been asked by the Vestry of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church to be the Chair of the Rector Search Committee. With this honor comes a great responsibility to ensure the search process proceeds in a deliberate manner to select three well qualified candidates to recommend to the Vestry.

The Search Committee and process are described below and includes information on how to apply to be a member of the Search Committee.
Chris Davies


Ascension Sunday – May 24th, 2020

May 24, 2020 - Ascension Sunday

SAINTS AND SHRINES: Destinations for Our Pilgrimage

A shrine is a church or other sacred place visited for special devotion. Typically they are visited as part of a pilgrimage for purposes of thanksgiving, penitence, intercession, or petition. It is a spiritual ascetic practiced by many faiths and has existed for a very long time; in fact it is recorded in the Gospel according to St. Luke that Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, went to Jerusalem every year to observe the feast of Passover. Egeria, the noteworthy fourth-century pilgrim from Spain, wrote in her famous diary of her visit to Jerusalem and her participation in the Holy Week liturgies held at biblically based sites. Indeed, it has been expressed that our’s is a faith of pilgrimage, that we are on a journey to a sacred destination; that devotion is an extension of that experience. For example, in uncertain times, be they personal in nature our pertaining to our country, seek a sacred place for such devotion, and the Lady Chapel at St. Mary’s could provide that setting. The Anglican Communion/Episcopal Church do not have a lengthy list of shrines as compared to the Roman Catholic Church, but there are still a number

Coronavirus Weekend Worship Schedule Changes

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church will have online-only Worship for the weekend worship services until restrictions are lifted.  There will be no weekend worship services in the church with congregations present.  Please read the letter outlining St. Mary’s policy by clicking the button below.

Coronavirus Policy Letter

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ST. MARY’S NOTICES MAY 23rd – May 30th

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St. Mary’s Episcopal Church brings a wide variety of people with diverse backgrounds together for a spiritual journey. We welcome all visitors and encourage newcomers to join us for a welcome reception to meet our other members and the church leadership. Here at St. Mary’s, we have plenty of opportunities to worship and attend fellowship gatherings, special events, and volunteer events.

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Meet The Rev. Dr. D. William Faupel
Priest in Charge

A personal welcome from Father Bill Faupel (The Rev. Dr. D. William Faupel) who is our Priest in Charge.  Whether it is setting the tone for our worship, giving an inspirational sermon, or taking the time to pray with a parishioner in need, Fr. Bill is there for each of us.

Welcome to St. Mary’s from Priest In Charge Fr. William Faupel