Penny Wise Thrift Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Penny Wise/St. Mary’s Thrift Shop is celebrating its 30th Anniversary (1989-2019) this year.  As part of our Celebration, we are asking our parishioners to attend at least one Open House after each of the Eucharists this weekend of March 23 – 24.

Penny Wise volunteers will be recognized, thanked and blessed at each of the Eucharists this weekend.  If you have never set foot into Penny Wise, or are a regular shopper, now is your opportunity to visit us after the Eucharist with the store open “just for you”.  As many of you know, we are open 6 days a week Monday thru Saturday from 10 am- 3 pm during season and have reduced hours during the summer months.  Bring your cash, checks and credit cards to make a purchase to support our many outreach initiatives.  Over the years, Penny Wise has contributed over 2.5 million dollars to St. Mary’s and in 2018 alone contributed $44,000 to Outreach Missions and another $45,000 to St. Mary’s church.

During the next few days we ask you to consider:  attending our Open House;  think about volunteering at Penny Wise weekly; gathering  your used clothing, home goods, and linens and bring your donations to Penny Wise; calling Penny Wise if you have any furniture (outdoor or indoor) that you wish to donate.

We will be celebrating our Anniversary by offering “Strawberries and cream to Go” to each parishioner who attends the Open House.  This can be your snack after Mass or you can take it home for later in the day!  We want to see you! Your support is very important to the 60 volunteers who keep Penny Wise running strong!