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Sunday, March 19th, 2023
Fourth Sunday in Lent – 10 AM

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Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 19th, 2023

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Saint Patrick

Stained Glass image of Saint Patrick

The Myths of Saint Patrick by David Bergquist

ST. PATRICK: The Conflation of Myth and Faith
The feast day for St. Patrick occurs this week, March 17th, and it is noteworthy for the way it is exuberantly celebrated in our secular society, with parades, parties, wearing green garments, drinking green beer, etc. So who was St. Patrick and why all the hoopla! And in terms of one’s faith and spirituality does the mythology that grows up around a particular figure from Church history actually enhance and enrich or, perhaps, cause doubt. For example, how do you reconcile the myth of driving all the snakes out of Ireland if there are no snakes to begin with, with the other achievements of St. Patrick’s ministry? Are they fact or fantasy? Indeed, perhaps the snakes could merely be explained as metaphors for the pagan culture that through St. Patrick’s evangelical efforts was

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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper


The Right Reverend Douglas Scharf
visits St. Mary’s

St Mary's Clergy with Bishop Scharf

Bishop Scharf (center) with St. Mary’s Clergy: Deacon Bill Gilmore, Fr. Bill Faupel, Rector Fr. Ryan Wright, and Mother Gail Tomei.


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Meet Fr. Ryan Wright

A personal welcome from Father Ryan Wright who is our Rector.

Whether it is setting the tone for our worship, giving an inspirational sermon, or taking the time to pray with a parishioner in need, Fr. Ryan is there for each of us.

Fr. Ryan Wright
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