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Don’t be afraid (Sermon March 22, 2020)

Don’t be afraid. This is a refrain we hear over and over again in scripture.  When an angel of the Lord appears to you so glorious you think you will die, don’t be afraid. When the Egyptian armies have you trapped in a corner, don’t be afraid. When the nearby nations are hatefully allied against you, don’t be afraid. When famine and drought threaten, don’t be afraid. When plague and pestilence sweep through the population,

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Many sceptics claim that they deny the reality of miracles because they are reasonable, practical and pragmatic people.  In fact it is belief in miracles that is practical, pragmatic, democratic and evidence based. Denial of miracles is dogmatic and doctrinaire. Here is how G.K. Chesterton put it:  My belief that miracles have happened in human history is not a mystical belief at all; I believe in them upon human evidences as I do in the

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The Good Samaritan

A few ago in church we considered the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus’ response to the question, ‘Who is my neighbor?’ As is typical in the Church today we considered it as showing us how to treat one another and how to expand our sense of neighbor. Along with this literal and moral reading, the Church has for most of her history interpreted the parable allegorically, pointing to Christ and our salvation. Here is

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David Bergquist, a Methodist and now an Episcopalian, has recently become a full-time member of St. Mary’s. Passionate for Christ, he has learned how the Church’s liturgy guides and shapes us in worship and discipleship. He offers these Insights to help us enter into worship more deeply and so be built up in the Body of Christ. The Prayer of Consecration We, the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, are the beneficiaries of the enduring

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Our Lady of Walsingham

  Fr. Bill Faupel recently introduced us to Christian pilgrimage by sharing his pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, the principal Anglican shrine of Mary. My Pilgrimage to Walsingham I got on the bus with a sense of excitement. I was certain this trip would turn out to be a great adventure.   It was my last year in England.   I was making a pilgrimage to Walsingham.  For those of you who

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The Gerasene Demoniac: Possessed and set free

Luke 8:26-39 Just before today’s Gospel Jesus had been teaching the crowds on the west side of the Sea of Galilee. He decides to set out for the east side of the Lake. On the way there is that terrible storm that Jesus calms with his word. His disciples, in exhausted terror exclaim, “Who is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him!” So they arrive in this country of the Gerasenes, opposite

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A Christian Code of Ethics for Using Social Media

Social media does not always bring out the best in us and our reactions do not always measure up to the highest standards of truth and charity (see Ephesians 4:15). Archbishop Foley Beach of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) offers this Christian Code of Ethics for Using Social Media to help us do better. (With thanks to ACNA for permission to share this.) Five Questions From Archbishop Foley Beach to Ask Before I Press

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The Ten Commandments and Examination of Conscience

This is a "sermon" I preached on Lent 2, March 10, 2019 using the framework of the Ten Commandments as an examination of conscience. You know the 10 Commandments? From the time of the Reformation until the early 20th century, our church said, “Read the Ten Commandments every time you celebrate the Eucharist.” The strength of that was we all knew what they were – we could recite them readily and they do provide a

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Tree of Life Synagogue Attack

On Saturday a lone gunman attacked the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing eleven worshippers and injuring six other people. There are far too many attacks on innocent victims in our country and they are endemic around the world. As Americans and as Christians, however, we have a particular responsibility when the victims are Jews. Our country, having marginalized Jews and rejected refugees from Nazi Germany in the 1930s, was among the nations that

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Suffering: Meditating on Mark 7:24-37

1. Human suffering involves many factors that often get all mixed up. Jesus shows by this teaching and example that suffering comes into our lives. In itself, it is not from God but as Paul says, God works for good in everything for those who love him. 2. God hates human suffering. He wants to “wipe away every tear from (our) eyes.” (Revelation 21:4) Every time Jesus is faced with someone who is sick or

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