Farewell to St. Mary’s April 26, 2020

Dear beloved members and friends of St. Mary’s Church, This is my last opportunity to address you as your Rector. I remember 15 years ago, getting to know St. Mary’s through your search committee. It was like falling in love. St. Mary’s was

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A last message. April 26, 2020

What do I think really matters in my life and in my ministry? What do I hope I have managed to share a taste of in my ministry with you at St. Mary’s’?  You can probably answer these questions as well as

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Second Sunday of Easter Sermon

Today’s Gospel (John 20:19-31) invites us to celebrate that Christ is truly risen, that he is to be found in the assembly of his disciples, the Church, and that he breathes his Holy Spirit into us so that we share his divine

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How to worship at home. April 6, 2020

Worshipping at home online presents challenges, both spiritual and practical.  It always takes some spiritual preparation to participate fully in the Eucharist but when we assemble together, the Church helps us by providing the physical environment, music to draw us into worship

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Palm Sunday: defeat and victory. April 5, 2020

Since Advent Sunday, the Church has been teaching us about the spectacular ministry of Jesus Christ, Abraham’s true offspring and David’s true heir, God’s own Son, Immanuel, born of the Virgin to give our lost humanity a new start. We have delighted

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David Bergquist, a Methodist and now an Episcopalian, has recently become a full-time member of St. Mary’s. Passionate for Christ, he has learned how the Church’s liturgy guides and shapes us in worship and discipleship. He offers these Insights to help us

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The Gerasene Demoniac: Possessed and set free

Luke 8:26-39 Just before today’s Gospel Jesus had been teaching the crowds on the west side of the Sea of Galilee. He decides to set out for the east side of the Lake. On the way there is that terrible storm that

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Bearing False Witness

Bearing False Witness Rodney Stark, a prodigious and ground breaking church historian with no deeply held faith, has researched the growth of the early church, the role of friendship groups in affiliation and conversion and much else. Out of the fruit of

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