Dear members and friends of St. Mary’s,

Almost exactly 15 years ago I began conversations with St. Mary’s about coming to be your new rector. The Search Committee, the Vestry and I all sensed God’s guidance and I gladly accepted the call to be your priest and pastor. It has always been an honor and (usually!) a delight to serve with you at St. Mary’s.

Just as I was confident of the call to come to St. Mary’s so I am confident that the time has come to leave. Having consulted the Bishop, I announced to the Vestry on Monday evening my intention to retire this spring. The date we are aiming for is April 30 although that is not absolutely fixed.

St. Mary’s is a strong, generous, loving church with a great future ahead of it. Your Vestry has the privilege and responsibility to call a priest to lead and guide you, subject only to the Bishop’s right to give or withhold final approval. Over the next few months the Vestry will lay out its plan, invite your suggestions and seek advice from the Bishop and his staff. Please pray for your Vestry and especially your Senior Warden who carry substantially heavier responsibilities at times such as this.

We will have the opportunity to celebrate together and to say farewell. In the meantime, we have the blessing of one more walk through Lent and celebration of Easter to share together. May God bless us in these months to come – and always.

In Christ’s service,
Michael Rowe