Christian Formation

Christian Formation is a vast ministry area with a crucially important mandate:  to foster Christian maturity among St. Mary’s members individually and as a community.  Effective Christian formation is evident in deeper understanding, deeper spiritual life and deeper service.  To put it another way, Christian formation helps us “be devoted to God with our whole heart and to love one another with pure affection.”  (See Proper 9 collect in The Book of Common Prayer, page 230)

Children & Families Ministries

We are  blessed with our young people and treasure the opportunity  to shape them in their  knowledge of God.   Children  of all ages meet in the Sunday School classroom in the Parish Life Center Sunday’s  at ten o’clock to explore scripture, activities and music that will enable  them to grow in their faith and understanding of how their faith and lives intersect.  We join the congregation for the eucharist.

As an extension of Sunday School outside activities are planned to encourage interaction with the entire St. Mary’s  community promoting love and service as Jesus taught in word and deed.

Various projects such as food drives, car washes, carol signing and pageants bring a deeper awareness to service in Christ.

Car washes and other “fun raising”  supports our summer sleep away camp experience.

Bible Study

  • Monday Book Club – Noon on Monday
  • Wednesday in the Word – Weekly Wednesday morning Lectionary Bible Study at 10:30 AM
  • Seasonal Women’s Bible Study
  • Weekly Study Program
  • Good Book Club Lenten Discipline – daily prescribed readings in the Gospel of St. Luke and the Acts of the Apostles supported by group discussions and printed and online commentaries.

Other Formation programs

  • Advent and Lenten Learning Days
  • Annual Seder Supper on Maundy Thursday.

St. Mary’s Parish Library

St. Mary’s Library offers:

  • a collection of over 1,150 books, catalogued electronically, periodicals and other media available for parishioner use
  • a new Children’s Corner designed to serve the needs and interests of our youngest parishioners
  • theme-based Featured Readings displays and video presentations related to seasons of the church year and supporting other Christian Formation seminars and programs

Men’s Ministry

  • Monthly Men’s Breakfast with Bible reading and prayer, periodic special speakers
  • Annual Fish Fry
  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Contemplative Spirituality

  • Centering Prayer – In season
  • Comma – Weekly prayer requests